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Registration Fees

Steps to register:

1. Explore our website and read handbook thoroughly.

2. Contact us to ask any questions:

3. Apply to become a member of our registration site ($10 annual fee) where you can create a family profile and be placed on the new family waitlist for available classes. Please note, this is not a guarantee of class availability. Click HERE to go to registration site.

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Fee Schedule

The following fees are for one 10-week session (one semester)

One child (3 years and older) - $80

Two children (3 years and older)- $90

Three children (3 years and older) - $100

Four or more children (3 years and older) - $110

We also have a one-time fee for new families of $15 for a background check of adults who will be attending co-op. 

Fee Breakdown

$70 Registration Fee per family, plus a $10 Student Supply Fee for each child 3 years and older (up to 4 children).

There is no Student Supply Fee for nursery age children. Total Registration Fees will not exceed $110 per family per session, not including additional class fees. Note that some classes will have an additional fee. See class description for details.

There are options available for those who are experiencing financial difficulties. You may make monthly payment arrangements, or defer payment until a later date. These arrangements must be made BEFORE registration opens or your class requests will not be approved.

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Rachel Scholarship Fund

In honor of Rachel Edgar, a homeschooling mom who was a member of our group before going home to be with the Lord in September 2011, we have the Rachel Scholarship Fund for current members who need financial assistance.  Rachel regularly contributed to help families out financially, and we want to continue to bless others and keep her memory alive.  Scholarships are granted based on availability of funds and cover basic registration fees. Those who are granted a scholarship are responsible to pay for any additional class fees.

If you are a current member who would like to be considered for a scholarship, please contact us to discuss options BEFORE registration opens.

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