General Registration for Fall 2021 will hopefully be in July.

 Late registrations will NOT be accepted. 

Who Can Register? 

Anybody is welcome to register! All members are required to read and agree to abide by our Membership Handbook before your registration will be accepted. We offer early pre-registration privileges via email for those who sign up to teach, or serve on the Clean Up or Set Up crew. General Registration is done via a link on this website. Keep reading ...

How to Register 

Registration is done via a separate on-line registration software system. When General Registration is open, there will be a page on our Registration Menu titled RegPack with the link to our system. Some people have told us this link doesn't work on their phone, many people have told us they can register on an iPad. If you have trouble accessing the link, try changing devices or platforms. This link is deactivated when we are not accepting new registrations.

Families can register for 1, 2 or 3 class periods. We require parents to stay on campus and participate in helping for each period that your student is with us.

Volunteer Assignments 

Every parent will request volunteer assignments they are interested in through our registration system. We give first priority placement to parents with Nursery or Little Ones Learn and Play students. Next we fill in the Station to Station and Mission: Transition! classes if we have extra space in those rooms. After those 4 areas are fully staffed, we will assign the remaining parents to classrooms with every attempt to accommodate the wishes of parents. Please note that while teachers are allowed to go between SG and FCC Campuses as needed, volunteers will be assigned to one campus only.

Drop-off Policy 

Parents must be on one of our campuses for the duration of co-op. On very rare occasions we make an exception. This is done on a case by case basis and there is no guarantee that it can be done for you, even if it has been done before.  A family that is requesting this must contact the Leadership Team BEFORE registration begins to request this and explain your circumstances.  You should have a designated person who will already be on campus to be responsible for your child to submit with this request.

7th Grade Students 

We allow parents to decide if they would like to register their 7th grade child at our FCC campus or our SG campus. We respectfully ask that all 7th graders who are registered for the Jr/Sr High classes at SG are a mature 12 years old or older. Our SG campus functions socially as a high school, and there is often very little (if any) academic difference between some of our more challenging classes at FCC and our lighter classes at SG. If a student (and this does apply more often to boys than to girls) has more exuberant or energetic behaviour, they will not fit in very well at SG even as a 7th grader, because we have higher standards of student conduct in that building.

Parents are not allowed to volunteer on more than one campus unless they are leading a class. Teachers can - and often do - travel between campuses.

RegPack Instructions

  • When our link to RegPack is active, you will have to click on it to update your parent account if you have one, or create one if you don't. Register the parent who will be attending co-op.

  • Next, you will need to create a student profile for every child you will be bringing to co-op, including nursery-aged children.
    **PLEASE NOTE: It is not enough to select the age group for your young child(ren) - you will also have to select a class to put in their cart. This is the most common registration error that we see.

  • Select your first choice class for each period you intend to participate. If the class is full, the system will put you on to a wait-list, which means that you will have the opportunity to move into that class if a spot opens up. If your first choice is wait-listed, you MUST select a 2nd choice that has space available. Please do not select 2nd choices if you receive a 1st choice. You will be charged for two classes per period instead of one, and your bill will need to be adjusted manually.

  • Do not make any payments in the RegPack system.  Payments are handled separately.

  • If you have a child with special needs, or you feel your child would benefit from extra assistance in the classroom, please check the special needs box on the Child Information Form. Someone will contact you to follow up. You do not need a formal diagnosis of any kind for your child to be eligible/considered for assistance. 

  • If you are interested in helping a child with special needs, please check the box on the Volunteer Information Form. This position would involve helping a child with special needs participate in their class by assisting (usually in reading or writing) when/if necessary. No experience required!

  • You will receive one automated confirmation email for each child listing the classes that child requested. These emails do not guarantee your spots; they are for informational purposes only.

  • After an administrator reviews and approves your class requests, you will receive one automated email listing your total amount due AND the classes that all of your children were able to get into. (This also means you will not receive an invoice until all of your children's requests are finalized.) PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL. Too often parents forget what classes their children have. This email is the only record you have listing their classes.

  • Carefully follow the instructions in your emailed invoice; payment must be made via PayPal to OR mailed to us. Payments are due as soon as you receive your invoice (but not before). Your registration will be canceled if your payment is not received or payment arrangements are not made with our treasurer, Becky. We do not enter payment information into RegPack, so any automated registration emails that you receive will not reflect payments you make.