Info and Forms for our Teachers



Teachers, you are allocated $4 for each student you have enrolled in your class. You must submit a reimbursement request for that money. We will only provide reimbursement up to that amount unless your class is charging an extra fee. All reimbursement requests must be turned in at our Treasurer's Table by the last day of the session.


Consider asking our members if you are in need of something. Perhaps someone else may be able to provide for your need without you needing to spend any of your class funds on it. You can make such a request via the weekly announcements.


The exception to our reimbursements are copies. We do not reimburse for copies made outside of co-op!



We provide each FCC classroom with a supply box.  After registration each semester, we will open a form on this page so that YOU can get wonderful, magical supplies in your classroom every week. The boxes will be brought to the Welcome Center in the morning, so first period teachers should pick up the classroom box from there and third period teachers should return the box to there.  This form is also posted on facebook and sent out via email, so you will have multiple opportunities to be reminded.  HOWEVER, please take note of the deadline that is usually a couple of weeks before the semester starts.  You will be able to request supplies for the box in your classroom if you miss the deadline, but you will not be able to get them in time for the first week of classes.


We will be making up only one general supply box for the SG campus with pencils and possibly scissors if requested.  This box will be at the Leadership Station in the Lobby at SG. You can collect what you need from there, and it must be returned there by the end of the day. 


If there are other supplies that you need outside of what is listed on the supply request form, you will need to acquire them on your own from your class budget.




If you have been attending HIS Homeschool Co-op and you would like to teach a class, please click on the image to the right and fill out our Class Submission Form It will be reviewed by our Leadership Team and Class Coordinators to be included in our next semester's schedule. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at 

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