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HIS Homeschool Co-op operates a 10 week semester in the Fall from September-November and in the Spring from around February-April. We meet on Friday mornings from 9:30-12:30. The specific dates are posted on this calendar page each semester. We accept registration on a semester-by-semester basis.

We understand that many homeschooling families choose not to assign grade levels to their students. However, in this setting, we have guidelines for how to register a student for classes. Our program is broken up into 6 levels:

Nursery: 0-2

Little Ones: This is our preschool program for students aged 3 and 4.

Elementary Stations: This program is for students who will be 5 and 6 by September of the school year. These are generally students in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

Grades 2-3: This program is for students in 2nd and 3rd grade who will be at least 7 by September of the school year. 

Grades 4-6: This program has more choices available than our younger program and participants must be at least 9 by September of the school year.

Grades 7-12: This program offers a wide variety of classes that appeal to middle and high school students. There is a higher level of maturity and independence expected at this level. Because of this, the student must be at least 12 by September of the school year. However, some students are not ready so we do allow 12 year olds/7th graders to stay with 4-6 if desired. Parents can determine this by best social fit or class interest. 

Typing on a Computer

Semester Calendar

January 2023 - Registration

February 10 - Orientation

February 17 -  First day of spring semester

April 7 - Good Friday No Class

April 28 - Last day of spring semester 

Daily Schedule

 9:15 Arrival time - Meet in designated areas​

 9:30 - 1st Period begins

 10:30 - 2nd Period begins

 11:30 - 3rd Period begins

 12:25 - Clean up and departure

Raising Hands
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