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High School Chemistry Labs*

Class Fee

$25 plus required lab workbook

About the Course

We will go through 10 of the basic chemistry class labs to qualify for a high school chemistry lab. Students should be in 9th-12th grade and currently taking or already have taken High School Chemistry. The labs will not require much math and will work independently of what they are learning at home. We will be using Focus on High School Chemistry Laboratory Workbook. You may purchase this on your own, or we will place a group order a month before Co-op begins and will reach out for orders. If you choose to use this curriculum as your full science curriculum, it is sold as a set. Here is the amazon link for the lab workbook, but you can find it in other places as well:
Each week we will ask the students to write up the lab. This will be optional for students and up to the parent. For students who do the lab reports and would like feedback, we will have students hand in lab books at the beginning of co-op day and return them to the students at the end of the day. There may also be a little reading to do in preparation of certain classes to allow us to best use the time in the lab. Please reach out to me, with ANY questions about work outside of class.

Your Instructor

Meg Rambo & Stephanie Batterman

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