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Cinematic Studies

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Let's go to the movies! The medium of film has been used to tell stories for over a century. From silent films to our modern-day budgets of nearly $500 million, the world of movies has changed drastically through the years. One thing that has not changed is the audience's love for the films - we keep coming back for more! In this class, we will look at the top-grossing movies of each decade starting with the 1920s and working our way to the 2010s. Students will be required to watch at least one of the top-three movies in each decade from the list provided and be prepared to discuss in class. We will look at the films' themes, actors and actresses, and technology of the decade among other topics. We'll also discuss honorable mentions that we love, despite not making the top of the list. And of course, popcorn will be served!
Students will need to watch a minimum of one movie from each week's provided list. These can be watched well in advance (throughout the summer even). Viewing one or more of the movies will help students participate in class discussions.

Your Instructor

Renee VanReed

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