Grades 7-12
Fall 2022 Semester Schedule

**  Extra Fee |  ^ Prerequisite required



Period 1

Period 1

Super Science Graphing

WWII: What If?

ASL 101

Actors Workshop: IMPROV

Watercolor Technique

Music Theory 2^**

Adventures with Board Games

Cross-Stitch Christmas**

String Lessons**

Study Hall

Period 2


Life and Times in Victorian England


Period 3

Adventures in

Physics Labs^**

Intro to French 1


Bridge Engineering

Adventures in Ancient Egypt** 

Chess Club^


Crochet Club^**

Beginning Crochet**

Biology Labs^**

Mock Trial^

Math Tutor Time

Spanish 1**

Phys Ed

Adventures with Board Games

ASL 3^

Senior Choir

String Lessons**

Study Hall

Study Hall