String Lessons**

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About the Course

New or continuing students will be accepted with prior approval from the instructor. Traditional teaching: good posture, left hand position and bow hold, good intonation; correct rhythm; use of four fingers and four strings; use of low second finger; bowings: half or whole bows, legato, détaché, staccato, legato; use of bow division; meters: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4; simple dynamic contrast. Musical fundamentals will be taught and applied to playing of solos and ensembles. (Ms. Amy Weckesser)

To enroll:

1) Contact Ms. Amy Weckesser @ or 856-952-1737 BEFORE co-op starts to evaluate your child’s experience level, instrument, etc.

2) Have your instrument with you on the first day of co-op. Violin rental (if needed) can be arranged through John Exley (856-304-7230) for $120/year (includes maintenance, strings, etc.).

3) Pay lesson and book fees in full on the first day of co-op. Note: Lesson fee: $150/child for ten weeks. Book fee (new students): $20.00 These fees are payable directly to Amy Weckesser, NOT included in your co-op invoice.

Your Instructor

Amy Weckesser