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...that you can learn to write a great paper! In this class, we will learn to write a serious research paper that will knock the socks off any teacher! This class is for our upper classmen who are willing to commit to doing the assigned work. We will each choose a topic, gather sources, sort and copy quotes, learn to paraphrase instead of plagiarize, write an outline, rough draft, final copy, and works cited/bibliography. The end result of our 10 weeks will be a 2500-4000 word paper that will be graded and returned with feedback. Grading rubric will be provided in advance.

NOTE: This class is for students age 16 plus. Juniors and Seniors preferred. Homework will likely take at least 2-3 hours per week depending on the student's diligence. Week one will be choosing a topic and gathering sources. This may require a visit to the library. The next 2 weeks will be spent reading all sources and creating 50 note cards with both direct quotes and paraphrases. We will then start on our outlines, rough draft and final copies. In-class time will be spent working together to make corrections and improvements on our work as well as learning/reviewing grammar and formatting. Students will need to supply basic writing materials (pens, pencils, paper, highlighters), access to computer with printer, access to copy machine/printer to copy source material, 100 index cards, large manilla envelope, rubber bands.

Your Instructor

Melissa Ferguson

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