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This class is taught by Jason Tyrell from Harper Driving School. It is intended to prepare students for taking their written test to obtain a driving permit in NJ. Students will need a copy of the manual available at MVC locations- We will spend our time studying and discussing the New Jersey Drivers' Manual in preparation for taking the state written test. Passing the written test is the first needed step to getting a permit. Students will be expected to read chapters weekly in preparation for class, and we will take regular quizzes to monitor progress. All students who are 16 at the time of our last week of class will be able to take the written test that day in order to obtain their blue cards. Students under 16 or over 16 are welcome as well, but they will not be able to take the test in class) ( check out the official state information here. (J. Tyrell)
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Jason Tyrell

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