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Cue The Cakes ^ **

Class Fee

$15 and Materials

About the Course

Get your piping bags ready – it’s time to decorate cupcakes! In this class, we will be learning how to use various piping tips to create fun and sweet-looking cupcakes. Each week we’ll be learning new techniques and practicing on delicious cupcake treats. Students will get to take home their decorated cupcakes after class to share and enjoy. Students will be required to bring a set of piping tips to class. Suggested sets will be sent in an email from teacher to the class after registration.
**Note- this class is for high school (grade 9/age 14 and up)
A couple notes:
1. This is not a baking class. Ready-made cupcakes will be provided each week, though students will be given the option to bring their own.
2. Due to the high volume of cupcakes being made and decorated, food allergies cannot be accommodated. If your child has a food allergy and would like to take the class, please contact Renee Van Reed to discuss possible options.

Your Instructor

Renee VanReed

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