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"We the People” is a 2-Semester HS Government course that explores the Constitutional Republic of America. This course covers America’s Independence, Political & Military Powers, Federal Courts, the Presidency, Bureaucracy, Congress, Branches of Government, Civil Rights & Liberties, Political Parties & Beliefs, Voting Laws, the Constitution & its Amendments, and so much more! This course is designed to meet the requirements for HS Government, and also prepares students for the college CLEP exam, if they so desire. Each student receives an online individual dashboard with course content, corresponding videos, & quizzes. All of the class content & CLEP PREP practice exams are theirs to keep for future reference & use. There is a $25 fee for this class and students wanting full HS credit should expect homework & graded quizzes. Each student will also be given an opportunity to create a Bill & attempt to get it passed by our student “Congress ”. **Note- This course is for high school students. Students must be at least 9th Grade (age 14) to register for this course.

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Allena Shannon