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Recorder often gets a bad reputation, but learning to play it skillfully can enhance your life! The recorder helps students’ brains put together the reading of notes and rhythms with breath support and control, ear training, intonation, hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, and articulation. Playing in a group setting makes the students feel like they are ‘in a band’ and keeps them excited to practice at home. Students will earn small rewards (charms) to add to their recorder strap or keychain as they reach certain milestones. If a child wants to learn a woodwind or brass instrument one day, this is an excellent way to prepare them for that and will make learning a ‘band’ instrument so much easier. Even if a child does not wish to learn a band instrument later, recorder class develops teamwork, confidence, memory, perseverance, patience, and helps develop both sides of the brain. Imagine all these skills coming from one portable, cheap instrument! Students will be expected to practice each week at home to review skills being taught in class. NOTE: Students are asked to purchase a recorder prior to the first class and bring it to class each week, along with a music stand. Since we are playing in a group, it’s important that we all use the same brand and type of recorder to get the best unified sound. The recorder is the Yamaha YRS 24 B Soprano recorder. They also need a portable music stand. Materials needed for class: Recorder: Yamaha YRS-24B Plastic Soprano Recorder, Natural Essential Elements for Recorder Classroom Method - Student Book 1: Book Only

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Bethany Bantle

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