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Programming is not about writing code, but about problem solving. Coding is the tool used by programmers to solve problems. In this class children will learn about the tools they have available to them and will need to solve problems presented to them in various challenges. Problem solving is one of the most important skills you can learn, and in this class you will learn how to do it in a fun and engaging way. Students will work in pairs and individually to learn basic programming skills. The students will complete challenges using the various apps connected to Dash & Dot. This class is for students who have taken Dash and Dot programming previously. If you have questions about if this would be the right class for your child please reach out to the teacher BEFORE registration. EVERY STUDENT WILL NEED A COMPATIBLE TABLET/PHONE (with Bluetooth enabled). Tablets are STRONGLY preferred. To check for tablet compatibility use this link: https://home.makewonder.com/compatibility. More information about which apps to download will be sent before class begins.

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L Kalik