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HIS Homeschool Co-op is planning to hold in-person classes for the 2022 Spring Semester. At this time, we have filled all teaching spots and only have room on a wait list. Please email us if you wish to be added to the wait list. We will not be posting "open registration" via the website.

Mission Statement


HIS Homeschool Co-op seeks to provide a place for relationship and fellowship with like-minded families as we endeavor to homeschool our children (18 and younger).  To that end, we come together to offer group classes in order to supplement and enrich our children's education.

Statement of Purpose


1. To serve God as we serve and encourage each another.

2. To provide social involvement through activities.

3. To provide educational opportunities as a group.

4. To share educational successes and failures with each other.

5. To teach our children responsibility, respect, and cooperation.

Statement of Faith

Please note: HIS Homeschool Co-op has been established on and will operate by the following statements. All are welcome to join us. Participating members are not required to agree with these beliefs, nor are they required to sign a statement of faith, however, all classes will be taught in accordance with these statements.
HIS Homeschool Co-op believes in the right of every parent to determine the educational path of their children. HIS Co-op yields to the Lord Jesus Christ and the infallible Word of God (the Bible) as our guide and final authority for life.

HIS Homeschool Co-op believes that children are a heritage of the Lord (Psalm 127:3) and that God has commanded Christian parents to train their children according to the Word of God (Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4).

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HIS Home Educators, Inc. does business as HIS Homeschool Co-op.