3rd Grade and Younger

LITTLE ONES - ages 0-4  (Room 207)

Our Little Ones group is very small, so we have combined ages 0-4. Parents will work together to supervise this time and care for these littlest co-op attendees. If you have a child in this age group, plan to spend at least part of your day in this room. Your littlest ones will enjoy discovering all the toys in the very large play area. There is a large area with tables just the right size for littles one to one side of the play area where parents can work together to provide more structured activities like storytime for the older kids. A beautiful playground is right outside for days when the weather is nice. 

Snacks and other supplies will not be provided by co-op for this age group. We encourage parents to only send in nut-free snacks, due to the potential of little hands grabbing a friend's snack before an adult can stop it.  Labeling will be KEY for all.

We allow moms to wear their babies if they want to volunteer in another area, with the exception of our kitchen classes. We ask that toddlers and pre-schoolers plan to spend the day in this room only. This is part of our attempts to minimize the potential for COVID exposure, plus they do create noise and distraction in the older classrooms.

(Rooms 106/107)

Our program for this age group is brand new for this fall and will be completely self-contained. All of the parents working in these rooms will only be working in these rooms in our efforts to minimize COVID risks.


The kids will meet in two large adjoining rooms and cycle through various stations. There will be art activities, science activities, reading and writing activities and more - all designed in a flexible way to support our kids in their widely varying abilities. The kids will have the opportunity for inside gym time or outside playground time, depending on the weather. This program will last for the full three hours of our co-op.

More specifics about what the stations will entail will be emailed to participants closer to the start of co-op.